The Secret Beyond the Secret – 11 Forgotten Laws

First we had the Secret and now I’m talking about the secret beyond the secret. Along with all the hidden laws and secrets and the 11 Forgotten Laws, it’s a wonder any of us know anything at all.

The reality is that we were created with all we need to create a life of abundance and fulfillment. Deep within us we know that or we wouldn’t have the desire to create or improve our lives in any way; but we have forgotten how to do that. If there is a secret beyond the secret, it is just that we have had the answer all along. Not only do we have these abilities through the power of our mind, but teachers have been sharing this message and showing us how since ancient times.

More recently early and mid twentieth century authors have written about the Truth of who we are and that we have access to all the secrets. They are neither hidden nor forgotten. So why aren’t we out there manifesting the lives we were intended to have?

Since the popularity of the book and the movie “The Secret”, many have become frustrated in their attempts to use the Law of Attraction. Millions in fact have been asking themselves and others what is the secret beyond the secret? What is it that I’m missing? What am I doing wrong? Why haven’t I been able to manifest the good in my life that the Secret told me was possible? So we have felt as though something was missing or hidden from us.

In the 11 Forgotten Laws program, the very first chapter of the text, workbook and audio presentations is called the Working of the Law. Notice that word-working. Could that be the secret beyond the secret? Did we really think that after a lifetime of conditioning, the constant media barrage telling us about the world of scarcity we live in, and the fear based headlines we come up against every day, that it was not going to take some effort on our part to change?

Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey in their presentation of the 11 Forgotten Laws, come right out front and tell us that Working with the Law takes effort. The reason that people fail to manifest or see visible results is because they become inpatient with the process.

Our minds have actually been conditioned to think in an unnatural way. It takes practice, vigilance and persistence to recondition our minds to accept a new way of thought. This is the message of the first chapter called Working with the Law.

Just because we need to take action and study, doesn’t mean that we won’t see results right away; we may see immediate results. It does mean that consistent discipline of thought is required and I love that Bob and Mary point this out right up front.

In the 11 Forgotten Laws lessons, before we are even introduced to the Laws, we are given what I’m calling the secret beyond the secret. Working with the Law, the name of this Chapter and the book that the 11 Forgotten Law is based on, lets us know right away that study, patience and persistence are going to be needed if we are serious about making changes in our lives.