Brainwave Generator to Access the Law of Attraction and Parallel Universes

The Law of Attraction can be accessed by the use of a brainwave generator, but there are dangers. Once we learn to use the Law of Attraction, becoming creators, we will access parallel universes. Scientists call them by different names. Branes is common, and they suspect that they have different rules governing them, but can’t tell us what those rules might be. The book Flatland will give you an idea of what it means to be a member of the most restricted of the related branes. We are, currently, living on a restricted brane.

Gerald O’Donnell, who gives us a brainwave generator, and proper training, posits in his pdf paper, RI Secrets Revealed, that we humans are living at such a low vibratory hum that we are virtually incapable of the creation that was our birthright. Even with access to a brainwave generator, we are living within a dark Matrix that was created to teach us that fear and violence are a mistake. Until we can raise out of this state, and increase our vibratory rate, other beings of higher vibratory light find it very difficult to communicate with us.

It takes these beings of higher vibratory light, Gerald says, “tremendous love, connectivity and filtering down of Divine energy to make a connection without blowing up the more coarse energetic structures.” Brainwave generators help us to access the world which other spirits inhabit, but will not help us to raise our vibrations.

Raising Our Vibratory Rate:

Mother Nature has her own vibrations, higher than men are now using. She coordinates with the dark Matrix so that it has a natural world that supports its three-dimensional holograph. Yet, there are millions of holographic parallel Creations in existence, which we can access using a brainwave generator. Once visited, they exist as such high vibratory light we cannot now see or understand them. Their rules allow for more creativity and free-will because the entities in those worlds can be trusted with higher levels of thought manifestations for positive creation. We will not be able to step out of our primitive world until we move beyond our dark, destructive phase, in spite of access to a brainwave generator.

Gerald proposes that we connect with Mother Nature as often as possible. Having a flower in our environment, on our desk, on our kitchen table, will help us to adjust our vibration. John Grey of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus has been spending time in India, learning to use natural energy for healing. He points out that there is a reason that those who can afford to spend time in beautiful, natural environments, whereas those who can’t are stuck in concrete tombs with little light and almost no trees or plants to help synchronize vibrations at a higher, and healthier level. A brainwave generator, coupled with intent and openness, can help us to focus on and commune with the natural world, which will then help us to adjust our vibrations.

Gerald O’Connell offers training and guidance in this. Whether you live in an area with access to Nature, or not, the appropriate guidance can help to lift you to this vibratory hum, and you will feel better for it.

Gerald explains that it is possible to reach and surpass the higher vibratory rate of the Natural world, and then to gain control over it. When we have done this, a new world will be created for us that will look similar to that created by the dark Matrix, but we will have become a full fledged Creator in a new Earth! We will have full use, he says,”of manifesting powers of thought, and the availability of high Divine Intelligence to guide and protect.”

Art Always Predates the Discovery of Science

We know that the artist has already made this discovery several times, and probably without a brainwave generator. Artists have always been able to focus (alpha) on the creation of their minds and to daydream (theta) about past times or future times. There is an old motion picture from the 1950’s, I believe it was called, It, or The Thing (but not The Thing from Outer Space). It was about a group of soldiers who were stationed at a lonely outpost, perhaps in Antarctica. They had a rather sophisticated electronic perimeter fence that alerted them whenever something came across the barrier.

At one point, things, destructive monsters, started coming across — always at night — that were very difficult to stop. It later turned out that these monsters were the monsters of their dreams. Those who were left had to monitor themselves to dream only of good things. A brainwave generator, or brainwave entrainment, will help you to access this place of your dreams, both good and bad dreams. Without some support, this can be as frightening as it was for the soldiers in this film. With the guidance of an excellent and experienced teacher such as Gerald O’Donnell, you will be able to control your dreams and project only the good ones.

— If anyone else remembers this movie, please remind me of the correct name….

In the old Star Trek TV Show, Captain Kirk and McCoy and Sulu travel to a beautiful world in the original episode called Shore Leave. McCoy mentions that it looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland and the trouble starts. A large white rabbit appears first, looks at his watch and complains that he is late, soon followed by a young girl who is looking for him. Not all the crew have such inoccuous adventures. (If you are interested, it can be viewed on YouTube – See address below.) This represents the danger of the brainwave generator for the undisciplined and uncleared mind. The planet responds to the thoughts of the crew members, whether they are positive or negative, constructive or destructive. Spock, of course, had the mental discipline to avoid random, unintentional creation.

Gerald O’Donnell reminds us of a more recent movie, The Sphere, with Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone. The golden sphere they discovered constantly mirrored back your intentions. Again, a brainwave generator will help you to find your own golden sphere. First be careful that you absolutely know what intentions will be mirrored back to you.

All these inspired science fiction stories give warning that before we ought to enter into Creation, we need to be clear, emotionally and mentally. There is more about how to become clear on the Ho’oponopono pages on our website.

Accessing Our Creative Powers

In spite of our low vibratory rate, we are still capable of manifesting when we visualize with full details great memories of our past. This will raise your vibratory rate and is a technique of NLP.

Gerald O’Donnell recommends that before you engage in traveling with a brainwave generator, you build your imaginative abilities. Paint, and write, listen to music and read novels. He reminds us that sculptors have tactile imagination and nature loving people have olfactory appreciation and imagination. He recommends that we work at imagining touching and hearing and seeing. He suggests that we imagine smelling various flowers or scents or perfumes.

He wants us to build our abilities so that we have more to bring to a visualization we intend to manifest. All masters tell us that we must visualize using as many of our senses as possible, and we must be in the present time in our visualization. These are elaborate day dreams, with you as the main actor and director. At this point, a brainwave generator would have us in an alpha state.

If we then practice feeling various emotions, so that we can learn to switch from one to another, we will be gaining mastery over our emotions. The goal, he explains, is to achieve perfect emotional steadiness, strength, and peace. This inner development is a necessary step to becoming purposeful, and not accidental, Creators, which we will become when we adjust our vibrations, and use a brainwave generator to learn to access theta and delta. Practice will help us learn to control our thoughts and emotions as Spock was able to do in Shore Leave.

The American Monk, Burt Goldman, who does not use a brainwave gnerator, but hypnotic techniques, talks about accessing powers from our doubles, our dopelgangers he calls them, in parallel universes and teaches us how to access them for information and advice. He has been using Quantum Jumping for a while. We will report more on this later.

BiPassing the Guard at the Gate

Various masters talk about our internal inhibitions or blocks. They are often blamed for failure when attempting to use the Law of Attraction. These are part of the structure of our conscious, logical minds. This mind is the guard. The guard stands from mid-alpha up through beta. This is where we normally are without the adjustment of a brainwave generator.

Eric Amidi agrees with Gerald O’Donnell and tells us that our creative prayer/instruction is sent out from our Higher Minds. Our Higher Minds are perpetually connected to Source/Creator/Divine Matrix/Universe and are the conduit for our manifestations. The prayer will always be successful if we can get it to our Higher Minds.

But, how do we get to our Higher Minds? Through our subconscious, which is guarded by our conscious mind.

Eric discusses this elaborately. Meditation is a way to put the conscious mind to sleep while our awakened spirit communicates with our subconscious mind. This is recommended by every master.

He also warns us of a great danger — falling asleep during a movie or TV. When the conscious mind is actually asleep, any story will imprint the subconscious and be prepared for manifestation by our Higher Minds.

Move your TV’s out of your bedrooms if you want all your creations to be positive and on purpose.

Another way to bypass the conscious mind is to go under it. This is done with either meditation or brain wave entrainment (through a brainwave generator) which allows you to go directly to low alpha or theta or delta. The conscious mind is still active in high and mid alpha, but is not present once you go below.

Don’t ignore the dangers evidenced in Shore Leave. If we are not in control of our subconsciously stored memories and associated feelings, we won’t know what will be manifested. Do not fool around with brainwave generation until you have utilized clearing methods and are in good control of your thoughts and feelings.

Eric Amidi explains that the guard at the gate, our conscious mind, is part of us because we need to be protected from our random thoughts. Did you ever have a destructive or violent thought when angry at someone, “Oh, I wish…..” Wasn’t it a good thing that your thought wasn’t instantly manifested?

So, the first step is to build your creative imagination. The second step is to gain control over your thoughts and emotions. The third is to go to the link below where Gerald O’Donnell will give you the training that you need to raise your vibratory rate and access theta and delta safely.