Affordable Health Insurance – How New Laws Will Affect Us Soon

In the near future, one will have to wonder if we really have affordable health insurance. Recently, the United States Congress passed a new healthcare law that will supposedly provide “healthcare coverage for all.” The question in many American’s minds is: “Is it really what they say it will be?”

Under current estimates, over 30 million Americans will get, or need to buy some form of healthcare insurance plan coverage and this will need to happen by the year 2014. Experts studying the situation are coming out with strong opinions that within 10 years there will not be enough doctors to take care of all the new influx of people that have come into the system. Where will all these new doctors come from?

Only a few years ago the American College of Physicians came out with a strong reminder that we are going to see a shortage of doctors merely because of the population explosion from the baby-boom era of the 1950s. This will be compounded by the fact that the new insurance laws regarding healthcare will soon drop into place raising the question of whether we will really have affordable health insurance or not, as so eloquently put by President Barack Obama in his bid for the US presidential race in 2008.

Since the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, the number of people graduating dropped by half that were going to go into practices to treat patients. This is quite contradictory to the rules (or intent) placed down by the passing of the new healthcare law. Another thing to question is, traditionally, those people who currently have insurance for healthcare have been avoiding getting the treatment that they need because they couldn’t pay for it in the first place. Statistics show that people who have gone without healthcare are sick more often and tend not to live as long.

It is the opinion of a large share of US citizens that the medical community is raking in huge profits from their endeavors. Experts in the field claim the opposite; that the medical field has a very slim profit margin. It is another opinion that the health insurance companies are making huge profits by simply picking and choosing who they want to insure. In other words, the insurance companies will deny coverage of those with pre-existing conditions and block them from getting insurance or switching companies to get better coverage or rates.

There is concern that the new health care laws will have a detrimental effect on the pay scale of existing and new doctors in the medical field. Their fears are that the government will have enough power and control of the system and that they will literally dictate their pay. There are also those who say that the insurance companies are already doing that. Some say that the government is already pulling money from the Medicare system to start covering the costs of the new laws. Sort of a “rob Peter to pay Paul” syndrome.

At the time of the writing of this article, over 60 percent of the United States citizens feel that the healthcare reform laws were put in writing way too prematurely. They also feel that the laws were enacted under duress. Those states disapproving of the laws are now forming together is have the law repealed. They are banding together to form a huge lawsuit against the United States government in a declaration that the law is unconstitutional.

It is likely that the lawsuits will end up in the Supreme Courts and may take years to make a final and concise decision. At that time, it is likely to take years to find out if the government has truly created an affordable health insurance system that will work without breaking “America’s bank.”